Trout Wood Cutouts For Cabin Decor and Wreath Making

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Trout Wood Cutouts For Cabin Decor and Wreath Making - Made in small batches from The Sawmill Shop!

Dimensions: All are approx. 7x3 inches

These various trout cutouts have endless possibilities. They can be added to wreaths, tied in a "stringer" to be hung on the wall, and so much more! Order them all for a discount!

Styles include:

Dolly Varden Trout
Eastern Brook Trout
Great Lake Trout
Male Brook Trout
Gold Soda Creek Trout
Male Golden Salmon
Pink Salmon
Rangeley Trout
Red Throat Trout
Steelhead Trout
Sunapee Trout
Tahoe Trout

High quality print on 1/4in MDF. Not for outdoor use.

Accentuate your cabin/woodland decor with these detailed retro fish cutouts! Edges and back will be left natural.

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All our items are handmade in the USA, start to finish. Please note that all items must be placed on the same order on the same site. This is in order to keep our prices low and shipping free.

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