January 2023 Update

Thanks to all our customers and partners for a stellar 2022! We introduced over 30 new items, many of which are our in house designs, as well as a few from our partners! Our Christmas Fireplace, which took many months to develop, was a bestseller and sold out many times throughout the season. We have been able to streamline many of our processes and completely redesign the website so that it’s better looking and easier for customers to use. Furthermore we have enabled backordering for out of stock items, which allows customers to reserve their favorites even when we have run out.

Additionally 2022 brought the Sawmill Shop getting a Sawmill of it’s own, workshop upgrades, and a fun local Christmas market! We intend to attend lots of local craft fairs in 2023, hope to see you there! We will be sending out emails beforehand with details on where we are going to be. This is a change to score some killer deals on our scratch and dent cutouts, and we are going to add a couple exclusives this year too.

2022 saw us introduce another brand called ‘Thunder-Bolts’ which specializes in hardware assortments for mechanics and handymen. We also found time to develop new manufacture replacement parts for Stanley planes, and have similar items planned for next year. (Hint: vintage chainsaw enthusiasts will love this!)

The Sawmill Shop runs sale events from time to time, we continued our tradition of ‘Christmas in July’ wherein all our Christmas items are discounted for the month of July. We have products for all major holidays including New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We are planning on adding more for Thanksgiving, as well as offerings for Veterans Day. Of course, all our items make great gifts for Fathers or Mothers Day as well.

We also have a big Christmas themed partnership in the workings for this year, so stick around! The Sawmill Shop cutouts are becoming available in a growing number of boutique shops across the country, and even overseas! We are working on opening up orders to foreign countries as well, so please bear with us during this process.

Looking ahead to 2023, The Sawmill Shop plans to take an active approach to supporting and promoting fellow domestic small businesses. We will not mix politics with business, however we do intend on creating a directory of manufacturers, boutique shops, and much more so that reliable small businesses are easier to find. If you are interested in getting involved, feel free to reach out! At the very least this will be a “links” page commonly found on websites from the 1990’s and 2000’s, though I have much larger ambitions for this project. There are a lot of great products and people out there that get drowned out by corporations with much more money and media presence, so lets try to even the playing field a bit.

Lastly we appreciate our customers working with us by ensuring all the items they want are placed on one order, on one of our sites. This helps us keep track of things better, and allows us to keep shipping free. We intend to introduce surveys in exchange for gift cards this year, but feel free to reach out to us in the meantime with any ideas you have. Thanks again for a great 2022 and stick around for an even better 2023!

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