Bosch Jigsaw Review

Posted by Erik McCartney on

There's a case to be made for certain older tools performing better than newer designs. Many older hand tools and larger pieces of equipment will generally perform better and last longer than the newer stuff. This could be due to quality of materials, where it's produced, and many other things.That being said, I believe handheld power tools have come a long way from what they once were. The best example of this is with jigsaws. While older ones like our black and decker will certainly last forever, there are usability improvements that have been made since then that blow it...

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Makita Jitterbug Sander Review

Posted by Erik McCartney on

As someone who has been using orbital sanders exclusively, I had always wondered what 'jitterbug' sanders were like and what they were used for. The main difference is in the motion the sander makes. A jitterbug sander makes a subtle vibrating motion that creates very fine dust, while an orbital sander has a much larger range of motion and is more aggressive. A jitterbug sander is used for finer grit sandpapers, while an orbital sander is for rougher work I've been pretty loyal to Makita. One of our DeWalt orbital sanders kicked the bucket after heavy use, and a newer...

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