We can't do it alone! The Sawmill Shop partners with a number of talented artists and organizations to bring unique products to our customers. We like promoting local and domestic businesses and organizations that emphasize quality. These partnerships have been a fun way to grow our business, meet new people, and develop fantastic décor items. 


Smokey Bear


Smokey Bear is the spearhead of Fire Prevention. Products featuring his likeness are some of our most popular year after year, and we are happy to support the cause of preserving our forests. Learn more about Smokey here.

Our Smokey themed items are available here


USDA Forest Service

We are licensed by the USDA Forest Service. We have a number of unique signs available based on those used to promote conservation across the nation. Our customizable forest entrance signs are our #1 product! People also love the replica truck wood cutouts as gifts for retired Ranger friends or family members. Learn more about conservation at the link below.

Our National Forest items are available here


 Johanna Parker Design

JPD Partners In Craft

Johanna Parker is an artist from Colorado who creates wonderful and whimsical sculptures. We then adapt these sculptures to widely available wood cutouts for all to enjoy. It's been great to see how people use these cutouts, and Johanna has helped us expand our horizons beyond Halloween and Christmas to include holidays like Valentines' Day and the Fourth of July. Learn more about Johanna at the link below:

Our Johanna Parker items are available here

Raggedy Pants

Michelle hand-sculpts each piece from various air-dry clays. After a week (sometimes longer) of letting the sculpture dry she details them with acrylics and pastels. Each piece has an antiquing medium rubbed over them…this brings out the details and gives each one their own special markings. Her designs make fantastic Christmas and Halloween decorations, check out her site at the link below:

Our Raggedy Pants items are available here

Julie Pace Hoff

Julie Pace Hoff is an experienced US painter with international exposure. She has dubbed her style "Aesthetic American Folk Art," constituting impressions of American middle-class suburban life over the last seventy-five years. Check their website at the link below:

Our Julie Pace Hoff items are available here

White Christmas Wreaths

Lara makes fantastic ornament wreaths and incorporates our cutouts into them, you will see examples for many of our products.

Still Made in USA

Still Made in USA is an organization dedicated to promoting US businesses and their domestically manufactured products. The Sawmill Shop has always produced our products locally, start to finish. We also try to source as much material and tools domestically as possible. Organizations like these are vital to accomplish this, and you'll find a well sorted directory of US businesses at the link below.


Trunk manages inventory levels between Etsy, Shopify, and many more ecommerce sites 


Faire is a wholesale marketplace which connects retailers and manufacturers. You can use this link to sign up as a seller