About Us

Making our own home decor turned into a business!

We could never find Christmas and Halloween decor the way we like it, so we decided to start making our own! We got plenty of complements from friends and family, many said we could sell some of these items. So, the Sawmill Shop was born! We make our items by hand in small batches right here in the USA. We also produce personalized gifts to order.

Everything is hand made in small batches. We prefer designs that favor a more retro or rustic look. Our cutouts are mainly made of two materials, MDF or plywood. We use MDF for more complicated patterns as it tends not to come apart, and cuts easier. MDF is a great material as it rarely needs sanding and is easily painted. The only downside is that it is not water resistant, and cannot be used outside unless thoroughly sealed. We use treated plywood for larger items as it is more cost effective, and more weatherproof as larger items are more likely to be used outside. Usually these products are only available for local delivery.

We are always open to new ideas and projects. If you want something, just ask! We can probably find a way to make it!

You can view an archive of our prototypes and discontinued products here.

We are happy to partner with various platforms to handle backend operations, here are referral links to these services:

Shopify - Shopify is the backend we use for the website you are now viewing!


Trunk - Trunk manages inventory levels between Etsy, Shopify, and much more


Faire - Faire is a wholesale marketplace which connects retailers and manufacturers. You can use this link to sign up as a seller


Abound - We use Abound for wholesale orders as well